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The sanctuary of Mary who heals couples


To Christ through Mary

On this occasion, the Apostolic Nuncio emphasised the role and the mission of the Accueil Louis & Zélie Centres : To this end, to support couples in difficulty or separated couples, The European Institute for Family (LIFE) was born and gave life to several centres to listen and help [Accueil Louis & Zélie Centres Editor's Note], where volunteers, specialists, spiritual counsellors, offer their help to heal and rebuild couples’ unity and love. From this initiative came the idea of presenting to Christian families, through their difficulties and their sorrows, the image of the Virgin of beautiful love who, as wife and mother, watches and protects her children.

As you can see, this beautiful statue represents the Virgin Mary who opens up her mantle to cover two spouses, a little apart, but who join hands, in sign of their promise of love and their will to remain faithful to this reciprocal gift. I am sure that in the future, Christian spouses will find support and strength in Mary who restores couples to grow stronger in love.

We warmly thank Mgr Luigi Ventura, not to mention the parish of Solesmes that has worked so hard to facilitate the finalisation of this new place dedicated to prayer for couples, echoing the novena and Mary who restores couples.


On 3 February 2018, in the Church of Our Lady of Solesmes (Sarthe), the statue of Mary who restores couples was inaugurated and blessed by Bishop Luigi Ventura, Apostolic Nuncio to France. Here are some excerpts from the homily he delivered during the Mass celebrated in the presence of Dom Philippe Dupont, Abbot of Solesmes:

“I am very happy to be here as a representative of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, who thus brings his special blessing on this day when the statue of the Virgin Mary who restores couples will be blessed at the end of the Mass. Also Mgr Yves Le Saux, Bishop of Le Mans and Mgr Michel Aupetit, Archbishop of Paris, who join us with their prayers and their spiritual union. (...)

Mary was chosen to be the instrument to manifest the love of God for humanity. In human life there is a very special place where the love of God is manifested and realised. It is in the love of a man and a woman who, in marriage, respond to the original project of creation to make a unit. As we read in the book of Genesis. God says to Adam and Eve: “ A man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one. ” (Gn2.24). This same expression was repeated by Jesus, who was questioned on the subject by the Pharisees.”

This announcement is an opportunity to remember that the The European Institute for Family was created to set up in France and in Europe listening and support centres of a new kind: the Accueil Louis & Zélie Centres.

The homily of Mgr Ventura is accessible in its entirety here in French


A unique work for an original sanctuary

Placed on a pedestal, “Mary who heals couples” welcomes under her mantle those whom a true love has united and who seek a new breath. A sense of peace and consolation emanates from this life-size work sculpted by Gauthier Courtin.

Location : église paroissiale, Place Dom Guéranger 72300 SOLESMES


To support couples who need to be consolidated in their love, from the novena to “Mary who rebuilds couples”

#The Story

It was at the wheel of his car, a work day evening of the winter of 2015, that a family man let himself be seized by a thought: make as a sanctuary a place dedicated to married life in all its dimensions, joys and pains. A place put under the patronage of the Virgin Mary, of whom the Venerable Pius XII did not hesitate to say that she was really the “mediator of all the graces”.

The driver clearly visualised the features of a statue of Our Lady, her head bowed, and her hands slightly open, so that Mary could protect and unite spouses, at the same time bringing them together.

Some months passed. The idea remained. With each meeting, the more it took root.

Until it flourished through the encouragement of many bishops.

After having considered different places, it was finally the parish church of Solesmes that became the choice.

Solesmes, a citadel of prayer. Solesmes, a crossroads and refuge for those who seek to evangelise their love.

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